I’m Frank

I help companies navigate this digital age. Their futures are paved with awesome opportunities but digital success only comes to those with determination and willingness to go the distance.

About me

  • Connector.

    NextGen Marketer

    Highly motivated and experienced bilingual digital marketing expert with expertise in content and UX

  • Connector.


    Engaging and pursuasive public speaker/writer on technology and how it affects our lives

  • Connector.

    Creative insurgent

    Digital disorderly that loves to challenge crippling conventions and other behavioral sanctuaries


Some Upcoming events

13/10 Customs Knowledge 010

23/05 Kritische vrienden
20/05 Clafis.com
16/04 What the Hackathon
07/04 90 Minutes of Marketing
29/03 NHL Communications
21/03 NHL Minor Ondernemen
14/03 Ronald McDonald Foundation
16/02 Ordina Open
15/02 Ordina Open


Just so you know

“I recently heard Frank deliver a speech on digital transformation at a fund raiser. Solid reasoning, infectious delivery and a slide deck to match.” – Adjiedj Bakas


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Got coffee or an idea? Maybe both? Drop me a line. I love to meet up.